niedziela, 27 grudnia 2015

First I will tell something about a day of camping in Potrzanowo in Poland.


Saturday 08.30
Well, I've spent my first night here at the Relax Camp in Potrzanowo. Fortunately, my rooommate doesn't snore and I've slept very well! Obviously, I was a bit worried before I arrived because I only know one person. But everyone's really nice! I'm sharing my room with two persons Ania and Natalia. Natalia is my classmate but Ania is from France and she's very good at swimming.


Saturday 18.00
Today had been an amazing day- I've been in a hudge Aqua Park for the firt time ever. It was great! Well actually I fell down near the deep swimmingpool. Luckily my friend helped me! I've also grilling with all my friends and a camp supervisor. It was amazing because we were grilling with the stars at the sky.

It's great here :). The instructors are cool and the food is delicious. I write this blog on my phone so I can write blog very often.

Bye for now !